The URBANMAX COMMUTER is Electric Drive Ready. Goodyear’s Electric Drive Ready philosophy means the company’s latest tyres are fit for use on electric, hybrid and conventional diesel machines. This reduces operator stocking requirements and reduces complexity in tyre management for fleet operators as the same tyre can be used, whatever the motive power. What is more important, the tyre is accommodating key requirements of electric vehicles which makes it a very good solution for fleets in transition from conventional to electrical drive concepts. For example, URBANMAX COMMUTER is providing excellent high load capacity1 - with 8t axle load capacity (load index 156/149) - which is required by modern electric buses. 
As well as being optimised for the technical requirements of modern buses, the Goodyear URBANMAX COMMUTER is designed around the changing environment in Europe towards shorter public transport journeys and is helping to support the goal to reduce CO2 emissions. Park and ride services have enjoyed an upturn in popularity due to cities’ efforts to tackle congestion and improve air quality. 
These journeys are characterised by less tread and sidewall wear than a typical inner-city bus, and distances between 20 and 100 kilometres, ideal for today’s EV buses. The URBANMAX COMMUTER features a stronger sidewall construction, leading to increased resistance to wear and damage. This enhances the sustainability and casing conservation of the tyre, as well as giving passengers a more comfortable ride. 
An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag is embedded inside the URBANMAX COMMUTER. This helps service providers, dealers and fleet operators manage their tyres more efficiently. Fleet managers are given accurate information on tyre assets, performance and casing management. It also saves time on routine maintenance checks as data coming from the tyre will alert any issues that require attention. 
The tyre also features ‘IntelliMax’ grooves to reduce tread wear and improve traction and stability. ‘Flexomatic’ sipes and interlocking tread blocks improve traction under braking. The 3D sipes interlock and limit block movement for high mileage and excellent winter traction. It is also 3PMSF (3-Peak Mountain Snowflake) certified for winter use, keeping people moving all year round. 
The new tyre can be fully retreaded, which brings additional benefits to fleets wishing 
to take advantage of the URBANMAX COMMUTER. Its retreadability is another sustainable feature. This leads to extended tyre life, as well as lower use of crude oil used in manufacturing2 and less landfill generated. 
Public transport sees surge in popularity across Europe 
Reports predict a surge in demand for bus and coach services over the next four years, with an average annual growth rate of 4.44% until 20273. Factors such as increasing demand for travel and tourism and government incentives are two reasons for the forecasted growth. 
Much of the demand for inter-city transport comes from the post-pandemic trend of hybrid working. Fewer commuters are travelling into the city each day and, when they do, a larger proportion are choosing park and ride services in order to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid driving at peak times. 
URBANMAX COMMUTER is designed specifically for the technical needs of modern, inter-city bus routes. It also carries Goodyear’s Electric Drive Ready label, making it suitable for the latest generation of buses. In the first half of 2022, zero emission buses accounted for 30% of bus sales in Europe4, highlighting the importance of tyres that are ready for mainstream ZE routes. European regulators target the phasing out of new combustion engined buses by 2027. 
Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director Commercial Europe, Goodyear, commented: "Goodyear expands its range with the URBANMAX COMMUTER after seeing a trend towards inter-city travel. The tyre includes all the latest structural and technological innovations. Buses are an important part of decarbonizing Europe’s cities, and this tyre gives an efficient platform for Zero Emission transport and provides grip no matter the season with its 3PMSF certified tread." 
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