With an unrivalled 3.5-tonne towing capacity, a truck-based chassis that carries 4.6-tonnes of payload, cavernous cargo volume of up to 19.6 cubic metres, and the tightest turning circle of its peers, the eDaily sets new standards for electric LCVs. 
It pioneers a modular battery concept with customers able to specify their vehicle with one, two, or three 37kWh units. This allows operators to tailor their eDaily to its specific mission, balancing range with payload and journey patterns. Should the vehicle’s role change or subsequent owners need a different specification, IVECO dealers can add or remove batteries in as little as two hours. 
This eLCV’s battery technology provides operators with a range of up to 248 miles* and allows for rapid charging of up to 80kW. This enables 62 miles of range to be added in just 30 minutes. 
Game-changing ePTO 
Another game-changer is the eDaily’s 15kW high voltage ePTO which enables the vehicle to provide supplementary power to run specialised vehicle bodies such as refrigeration units, waste compactors, and even life-saving emergency equipment – a first for electric LCVs. 
A low-voltage 2.5kW ePTO and a mechanical 15kW ePTO are also available that can power pumps for cranes, aerial platforms, or other heavy-duty lifting equipment and are capable of running when the vehicle is switched off for even greater efficiency. 
IVECO UK Light Business Line Director, Mike Cutts said: “The class-leading capabilities of the IVECO eDaily will enable more operators to go electric, even when undertaking the most challenging of missions. It retains the rugged DNA of the Daily but delivers on decarbonisation.” 
eDaily is one of the most connected eLCVs available 
The new IVECO eDaily is also one of the most connected commercial vehicles on the market with all models coming with the four-year eSTART package as standard for both fleet and retail customers. eSTART comprises of four impressive digital services; IVECO ON Access, Uptime Monitoring & Management, eRange Assurance, and eRemote Control. 
• IVECO ON Access puts vehicle activity reports at an operator’s fingertips, highlighting battery consumption, driving style evaluation, mission types, and management of vehicle permissions. It also delivers peace of mind on battery warranty compliance with specific warnings in case of abnormal degradation. 
• Uptime Monitoring & Management relies on the IVECO Control Room to provide proactive and predictive vehicle diagnostics to highlight a problem early, or quickly diagnose an issue to reduce potential vehicle downtime. This also includes IVECO over-the-air software updates that avoid the vehicle having to visit a service centre. 
• eRange Assurance provides proactive alerts to help operators maximise productivity via the IVECO ON portal or Easy Daily smartphone app. Low charge warnings, charging errors and abnormal usage, such as the vehicle not being plugged in, are automatically flagged to the user. 
• eRemote Control is a handy app accessed via any smart device or desktop tool that allows operators to schedule charging to take advantage of cheaper rates of electricity, pre-condition the battery for optimal performance, and preselect driving modes, all remotely. 
The IVECO eDaily can also utilise additional subscription services such as ePRO which is ideal for fleets of up to five vehicles. It includes eDaily Routing – a best-in-class vehicle range estimation facility based upon route and real-time energy data, and eCharge Management which is a single card that enables access to public and compatible private chargers with the ability to monitor costs and manage invoicing. 
For fleets of more than five vehicles, eFLEET includes all the features of ePRO but adds a Professional Safe Report highlighting any safety system activations. This package features a Professional eReport that breaks down detailed energy usage and analyses of driving patterns to boost efficiency. 
Mike Cutts continued: “The IVECO eDaily’s high degree of connectivity means that operators will be better informed about vehicle performance than ever. Better planning leads to better efficiencies, and so having intelligent eDaily tools at your disposal will make a big impact for customers.” 
eDaily in action 
IVECO has received high levels of customer enquiries from across the industry since eDaily order books first opened. Some early adopters include household names such as Tesco, The AA and WAS Ambulances, all keenly taking advantage of this eLCV’s expansive mission capabilities. From delivering high-voltage ePTO and facilitating class-leading payload capacity, to providing body builders with the tools to easily create specialised electrified vehicles, the IVECO eDaily is driving the road of change. 
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