Alltruck, one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle contract hire specialists, has joined forces with Hultsteins to provide a carbon-busting transport refrigeration solution for its customers. 
Following a series of successful trials with selected customers in the temperature-controlled sector, Alltruck reports impressive performance results and high customer satisfaction regarding the Hultsteins' system. 
“We are inspired by the results so far,” says Leon Mair (title?). “Carbon, NOx and all other harmful emissions are virtually eliminated while at the same time, fuel, noise and general running costs are significantly reduced.” 
Fitted to an 18 tonne DAF LF and operating on timed deliveries in the greater London area, Hultsteins’ Slimline multi-temperature unit is supplied with a water heating kit and aero-dynamic collars fitted to the fridge. 
In what is being described as a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation, Hultsteins Managing Director for the UK, Graham Usher said: 
“Hultsteins is a pioneer in the development of refrigeration units that rely solely on the clean power of the transport vehicle. This partnership marks a significant step forward in the journey to reduce emissions within the transport refrigeration industry. By eliminating the need for diesel-powered refrigeration units, Alltruck and Hultsteins are championing a greener and more efficient future for the logistics sector.” 
Renowned for its expertise in commercial vehicle contract hire, Alltruck recognises the immense potential of Hultsteins' technology in the transport refrigeration sector: Through a series of successful trials with select refrigeration customers, Alltruck says it has has witnessed firsthand the impressive performance and customer satisfaction of Hultsteins' solutions. 
Inspired by these results, Alltruck is now poised to adopt Hultsteins' innovative refrigeration units, providing its customers with access to a greener and more sustainable alternative. 
“The partnership between Alltruck and Hultsteins holds great promise for the environment,” adds Leon Mair. “By eliminating the need for diesel-powered refrigeration units, significant reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved. Traditional diesel-powered systems not only contribute to air pollution but also consume valuable fossil fuels. However, Hultsteins' technology not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also offers a tangible solution to the global challenge of reducing our carbon footprint.” 
Beyond the environmental benefits, Alltruck sees significant benefits regarding improved efficiency and cost savings. “By utilising the existing power source of the truck, these units eliminate the need for separate diesel engines, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability. This innovative approach also translates into lower fuel consumption, ultimately leading to substantial savings for businesses operating transport refrigeration fleets.” 
With a shared commitment to reducing emissions and a focus on sustainable solutions, Alltruck & Hultsteins say they are driving positive change within the industry. Furthermore, by adopting Hultsteins' innovative refrigeration units, Alltruck is setting an example for other businesses by highlighting the importance of environmentally friendly practices. Together, the two companies are forging a path towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for transport refrigeration. 
For over six decades, Hultsteins has been at the forefront of innovation, revolutionising the refrigeration industry with their commitment to sustainability. Since 1962, the Swedish manufacturer has been developing and refining refrigeration units that harness the existing power source of the truck, reducing reliance on additional fuels and minimising carbon emissions. 
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